Emir Efendić

Emir joined Analitka’s team as a junior researcher in September 2015. He obtained his masters in Psychology in 2013 at the University of Sarajevo and he is currently working on his PhD in Psychology at the University of Bordeaux and the University of Sarajevo. Up to now, he has been involved in several research projects. His main areas of interest are decision-making and behavioral economics.


Author's publications

Experience and Practice

How can findings from psychology and behavioral economics improve research and implementation of public policies?

Author: Emir Efendić
“A lot of our policy models are traditionally based on a rather naïve understanding of what drives behavior. But if you have a more intelligent, nuanced account of how people make decisions, you can design policy that is effective, less costly, and makes life easier for most citizens.” - David... More...
Politics and Standards

Ten ethical principles for public policy research

Author: Emir Efendić
Conducting research in the domain of public policy inevitably implies concerns of an ethical nature. Such questions, among others, can relate to research participants, potential conflicts of interest among researchers, authors, or publishers, their approach to data, respect of copyrights, as well... More...