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Politics and Standards

Open Public Data as a Policy-making Tool

Open Public Data: Concept and Application Every day, public institutions collect and produce large amounts of data such as financial, geographical and statistical data, data on economic trends, the legal system and public services, company registers, demographic and cadastre data, and many other... More...
Experience and Practice

Saša Madacki: The question of data archives in our country is still at the bottom of the list of priorities

Author: Selma Korlat
During 2012 and 2013, Saša Madacki was part of the SERSCIDA project, which aimed to examine the potentials and to support the creation of national / regional research data archives in the field of social sciences in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Therefore, we took the opportunity to talk to Mr... More...
Experience and Practice

Brian Kleiner: Each country should have the infrastructure needed to manage and preserve data produced within its borders

Author: Selma Korlat
Interview conducted by Selma Korlat, March 2017. The Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences FORS is a national centre of expertise in the social sciences and serves researchers in Switzerland and abroad . FORS aims to promote a research culture of data sharing and secondary analysis for... More...

Open Public Data

Open public data represent the idea that data collected and produced by public institutions in their daily work must be publicly available. Open public data play an important role in the policy making process, providing an insight into the economic and social challenges, enabling a better... More...